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Socially active? Are you protecting yourself against STD’s? (Socially Transmitted Disasters)

Meet the new STD of 2013 : Socially Transmitted Disasters. Just like traditional STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) they are spread by intimate unprotected encounters. Socially Transmitted Disasters are the nasties you can pick up from social media when you get intimate with the profiles and pages of people and brands. STDs – Socially Transmitted Disasters […]

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Australia’s Political Game of Thrones: waging a Social War for the 7 Kingdoms

The usurper Rudd has claimed the Iron Throne – again,  in what has been a spectacular week in Australian Politics. As the ABC’s Richard Glover so aptly tweeted: If you’ve been sleeping off some fine arbour wine for the past week, here’s what happened: The White Walkers (the Liberal Party) were marching on the wall […]

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