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How Social Media can impact the outcome of Law Enforcement investigations and prosecutions

The community is reminded that comments on social media sites may potentially affect the outcome of court matters relating to this investigation. We request people refrain from posting hateful or inciteful comments on these sites…. (Victorian Police Press Release, 20 November 2012) High-profile crime is often the subject of intense public scrutiny. With the advent […]

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Crisis in the Middle East: a ‘Social’ aspect of Conflict

I’m watching the events occurring in the Gaza strip with some trepidation this time around. Both sides appear to mean business,  and as I get older, my compassion for those living in conflict zones has deepened. My grandparents fled Europe after World War II so that their children would never have to live through such […]

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Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm: Social Media during Civil Emergency

I have a friend in New York who in the midst of Superstorm Sandy updated her Facebook status to say that she was effectively cut off from electronic communication: except for Facebook, which was working just fine! It struck me as ironic, perhaps slightly quizzical, that in the age of technological wonder, the news service […]

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