Archive | September, 2012

Using Social Media for Crisis and Issues Management

One of the biggest fears decision makers have in using social media is “what happens when things go wrong?” This is a valid concern, but it doesn’t have to spell disaster for your business, company or organisation; and it shouldn’t dissuade you from using social media to communicate. In fact if you are distinctly silent […]

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The Gospel According to Google

  When Tim Berners-Lee announced he was going to change the world with the world wide web, the headline read ‘Yeah Right’. One scientist sneered “They said Sinclair’s C5 would change the world, now you’d struggle to give one away.” While another stated “This could be huge. The idea that strangers worldwide sharing ideas instantly […]

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Social Media Customer Service Sins: Why I’m breaking up with Vodafone … Again

I had the misfortune of being a Vodafone customer back in 2010. I couldn’t call people, they couldn’t call me and my data pack was unusable.  A call to Vodafone’s help desk involved about 2 hours on hold only to get through to someone who didn’t understand my English, nor I theirs. After some months […]

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